Proganics™ All-Natural Prophy Paste


Oral Systemic Response

Because everything you put in your mouth…food, drink, and chemicals — all have a lasting health impact on the body, it’s highly important to limit toxins. Hygiene Wellness™ is leading the way in organic dentistry with an Alkalizing Prophy Paste that also provides positive reinforcement to help create and maintain healthy teeth and gums.

No one wants KILLER Breath-Covid 19 can produce

Bacteria aren’t just the cause of bad breath. If unleashed, they can also lead to heart disease or other serious conditions if not neutralized. Our body’s acid-alkaline balance is crucial to optimal health.

“Rising pH (to the alkaline state) increases the immune system’s ability to kill bacteria.”

That was the conclusion of a study by The Royal Free Hospital and School of Medicine in London.
When bacteria is loosened, while being scraped around in the mouth, Proganics™ acts as a sterilizer to mitigate or eliminate it so it can’t find a way into the blood stream and possibly contribute to other health problems.

This is especially helpful when disturbing the mouth bacteria environment on anyone with compromised immune systems from sickness, disease or chemo treatments.

Bleeding may be inevitable, but Bacteria is optional

When you go below the gum line when scraping, or working around teeth. And bleeding, punctured gum tissue can create a trap door you don’t want opened to hidden bacteria that mouthwash simply can’t reach.

While standard mouth wash coats the teeth, Proganics™ can reduce bacteria by as much as 75% or more.

Alkaline saves time & builds shine

Proganics™ is the only alkalizing all natural prophy paste on the market.

Patients are looking for added safety, and now you can provide an alkalizing oral environment that helps decrease virus aerosols! The alkalizing effects of Proganics™ helps kill mouth bacteria, releases that tarter, and decreases inflammation during cleaning.

We use Calcium Carbonate and other natural ingredients that help reduce acidity in the mouth while cleaning.

It’s a powerful non-toxic addition to your other COVID-19 dental hygiene procedures and actually saves time with each patient.

Alkalize then Mineralize

Our environmentally safe ingredients not only clean, but also help to mineralize teeth. Alkalized ionic minerals and Calcium Carbonate supply vital nutrients to teeth that are required for effective re-mineralization.

The white Bentonite Clay and Sea Salt regulate the pH of the mouth and neutralize damaging acidity.